Knowledge Base

  1. Assignments 

    1. How do students know which class has assigned them an article?
    2. Can one teacher see what another teacher has assigned?
    3. Why are some older assignments not appearing in the binders of newly-enrolled students?
    4. Can I assign an article to an individual student or group of students?
    5. What happens if two teachers assign an article to the same student?
  2. Getting Started 

    1. How do I get started as a teacher?
    2. How do I register my students?
    3. How do I assign and un-assign articles?
    4. How can I reset student passwords and change usernames?
    5. Do students need an email address to register?
  3. PRO Binder 

    1. How do I see who has read the assigned articles and how they are doing on the quizzes?
    2. How do I see what my students have read independently?
    3. How do my students know which articles they have been assigned?
    4. How do I see how my classes are engaging with Newsela articles?
    5. How do I see how my individual students are doing relative to college-ready grade level expectations?
  4. Newsela PRO 

    1. What is the difference between Newsela and Newsela PRO?
    2. How much does Newsela Pro cost?
    3. How do I subscribe to Newsela Pro?
    4. Can I upgrade from (student to grade, grade to school) licenses?
  5. About the Articles 

    1. How does Newsela choose the articles?
    2. How does Newsela determine an article's grade level?
    3. Where do the articles come from?
    4. Who is doing the writing?
    5. How many articles do you publish each day?
  6. General 

    1. How can I find articles with quizzes?
    2. Why don't all articles have quizzes?
    3. What do the numbers in the blue bar mean?
    4. What is the difference between an article at one level and an article at another?
    5. How can I hide an article from readers?
  7. Common Errors 

    1. The "assign to" button won't stay green
    2. The submit button isn't working on quizzes
  8. Teaching 

    1. Teaching with Newsela
    2. How is Newsela aligned to the Common Core Standards?
    3. What are some possible uses for Newsela in the classroom?
    4. What might a sample Newsela lesson look like?
    5. What supplemental materials are teachers creating to support using Newsela in their classrooms?
  9. Highlighting and Annotations 

    1. How do I annotate an article?
    2. Who can see my annotations?
    3. Who can see my students' annotations?
    4. What is the value of annotations for learning?
    5. How might a teacher use Highlighting and Annotations in their classroom?
  10. About the Quizzes 

    1. How can I delete a quiz record from my binder?
    2. Can students take a quiz more than once?
  11. Parents 

    1. How do I get started as a parent?
    2. How do I register my readers?
    3. What if my reader is already using Newsela at school?
  12. Security 

    1. How does Newsela protect my information and my students' information?
    2. What is Newsela’s response to Heartbleed?
  13. Pedagogy 

    1. How does Newsela help readers to develop their nonfiction literacy skills?
  14. All articles 

    1. Can I assign an article to an individual student or group of students?
    2. Can I connect to Newsela securely?
    3. Can I export my students' data?
    4. Can I print Newsela articles and quizzes?
    5. Can I upgrade from (student to grade, grade to school) licenses?

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